Monchiero Barolo Rocche 2017

Red Wine | 2017 | Italy | Barolo

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Why Marco Loves It

'A modern interpretation combined with traditional methods creates a new king in Barolo’.

For generations, the Monchiero family has farmed and grown grapes on the gorgeous Montanello estate. But, it was in the 1980s that they acquired a special cru in Castiglione Falletto, right in the heart of the Barolo region.

There has been a winery on the Castiglione Falletto site since the thirteenth century, due in no small part to its stunning south-east exposure. Today, the winery produces this wonderful Barolo, marrying the traditional style of winemaking in Barolo with a new generation of the Monchiero family. 

Favouring long maceration periods with skin contact and ageing in large Slavonian oak casks, Monchiero’s wines loyally express the flavours and aromas that make Piedmont’s wines unique. The result is a gorgeous wine that’s equally suited to drinking today or cellaring away for years to come.

Monchiero Barolo Rocche 2017
Marco Boldrini
Monchiero Vineyard
  • Monchiero Barolo Rocche 2017
  • Marco Boldrini
  • Monchiero Vineyard
Monchiero Barolo Rocche 2017
Marco Boldrini
Monchiero Vineyard
Barolo DOGC

Tasting & Pairing

Tasting notes:

This wine shows the complexity and structure of the greatest Barolos, combined with a remarkable elegance and drinkability. An alluring, layered nose opens up with slightly floral and dried vegetal aromas with red berry, delicate tobacco, and hints of dried meat. Its highly balanced character means it is already able to be opened without the lengthy ageing required by most Barolos. If you have the time, decant the bottle at least 2 hours before drinking and you will be rewarded by the drying tannins slowly gaining additional subtlety and juiciness. Forget the old style austerity of the Barolo you were used to and be ready to dive into a modern and elegant interpretation.

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Pairing Recipe:

Momenti’s Favourite Pairing: Risotto Al Barolo

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