Hi there! We're Spencer and Lauren, the founders of Raravina. Partners in both life and business, we started Raravina to celebrate wine and wine expertise.

We believe learning about (and drinking!) wine should be fun and inclusive, not boring or pretentious. Wine brings people together. And by partnering with local sommeliers who share our passion for wine and community, we want Raravina to change what buying wine online can be.

Each of our somms has personally curated an individual selection specifically for us, picking wines they find unique, interesting, or just really damn good. Along with every wine you'll find a short story from the somm explaining why they're excited about that wine, and why they think you should be too.

Perhaps more importantly, Raravina combines online convenience with in-person community. Our Netherlands-based somms work with us because they want to share their love of wine. You should get to know them! Follow them on social media, say hi when you're at their restaurants, come meet them at our tastings.

We're excited you've found us, and we hope you feel the love, enthusiasm, and passion that's gone into building Raravina.

In Vino,
Spencer and Lauren

An American at home in Amsterdam, Spencer discovered a love for wine years ago while living in Washington, D.C. In bringing that passion to the Netherlands, he wants Raravina to be a place where others can discover that same excitement for what wine can be.

A British lover of wine and the Netherlands, Lauren wants Raravina to both support the country's wine industry and grow a community around a shared passion for good wine and good people.