Chateau Tour Canon 1961

Red Wine | 1961 | France | Bordeaux

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Why We Love It

The 1961 Bordeaux vintage was legendary, with a nearly perfect growing seasons. Both the right and left bank excelled, and wines from this vintage continue to be highly sought after. 

This right-bank gem from a long-established negociant is an exceptional value. Because it lacks the name of top-flight chateau, it cannot command the thousands of dollars wines from this vintage often reach, providing a much more affordable opportunity to taste history and old Bordeaux at its best. 

NOTE: We received three bottles of this wine, on two of which the year label has since fallen off given the age of the bottle and brittleness of the labels. Accordingly, you may receive a bottle without the year label attached. 


Capsule Status: Intact
Label Quality: Brittle, some soiling
Ullage: Mid Shoulder

Important Notes on Cabinet Wines

Many of the wines we sell in the Cabinet are from old vintages. Ageing can have truly wonderful effects on wine. Those effects are influenced by a range of factors, both within and outside the bottle, meaning two bottles from the same vintage may have different profiles. If you are new to older wines—and if so, welcome!—please keep in mind that you may encounter a range of flavours and aromas not found in younger wines.  

Chateau Tour Canon 1961
  • Chateau Tour Canon 1961
Chateau Tour Canon 1961
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