Chateau Andron Blanquet 1975

Red Wine | 1975 | France | St. Estèphe

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Why We Love It

One of the oldest estates in Saint Estèphe, Château Andron-Blanquet produces its wines from its beautiful, 16-hectare hillside vineyard. The Château has produced exceptional quality wines over the years, earning it the prestigious rank of Cru Grand Bourgeois Exceptionnel by the Union of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc from 1966 to 1978. 

This 1975 from the Château’s top-quality era is a wonderful find. A small but very ripe harvest in Bordeaux that year led to high tannins in wine, which supported strong ageing potential for the vintage. Moreover, for 1975, the left-bank (where St. Estéphe is located) is seen as having produced more well-structured and balanced wines. As a result, we immediately snapped this one up when we came across it.


Capsule Status: Intact
Label Quality: Good
Ullage: Top shoulder

Important Notes on Cabinet Wines

Many of the wines we sell in the Cabinet are from old vintages. Ageing can have truly wonderful effects on wine. Those effects are influenced by a range of factors, both within and outside the bottle, meaning two bottles from the same vintage may have different profiles. If you are new to older wines—and if so, welcome!—please keep in mind that you may encounter a range of flavours and aromas not found in younger wines.  

Chateau Andron Blanquet 1975
  • Chateau Andron Blanquet 1975
Chateau Andron Blanquet 1975
AOC St. Estèphe
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Cabernet Franc