Chateau de Ruth 1978

Red Wine | 1978 | France | Cotes du Rhone

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Why We Love It

Château de Ruth sits in the heart of the southern Rhone Valley in Sainte-Cécile-les-Vigne. The domaine is one of the oldest in the Rhone Valley, able to date its history back to 1561.

The terroir here is mostly red clays and river stones, adding earthiness and minerality to wines from this historic region.

The 1978 vintage in the Rhone was legendary. While the start of the growing season was less than ideal, August brought a change in fortune with clear, warm weather, allowing grapes to attain outstanding ripeness. This is your chance to try a sample of this fantastic and increasingly rare vintage.


Capsule Status: Intact
Label Quality: Poor
Ullage: Into neck

Important Notes on Cabinet Wines

Many of the wines we sell in the Cabinet are from old vintages. Ageing can have truly wonderful effects on wine. Those effects are influenced by a range of factors, both within and outside the bottle, meaning two bottles from the same vintage may have different profiles. If you are new to older wines—and if so, welcome!—please keep in mind that you may encounter a range of flavours and aromas not found in younger wines.  

Chateau de Ruth 1978
  • Chateau de Ruth 1978
Chateau de Ruth 1978
AOC CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne
Grenache Syrah/Shiraz