Alma Negra V Blend 2021

White Wine | 2021 | Argentina | Mendoza

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Why Rachele Loves It

The 2021 ‘V blend’ is a limited, exclusive cuvée produced by the winemaker Alma Negra in the stunning Uco Valley in Argentina. I really enjoy the floral component of the Viognier blended with the rich, fatty, buttery flavours of Chardonnay accompanied by the gentle and elegant Gewürztraminer. It is a rare, hard to find blend, which is unfortunate as the combination creates an alluring white wine full of delightful surprises. I’m excited to be able to share it with everyone at Raravina.

The grapes are grown in the Mendoza region of Argentina at the foothills of the mountains. The area is a hot and dry region that benefits from the mountains’ cooling influences. While most people think Malbec when they think Mendoza, this wine shows some of the range of grape varieties that can be grown in the area, and the beautiful wines beyond Malbec the region can produce. 

Adding to the wine's rarity is the fact each vintage is truly unique. From year to year, the amount of each grape in the blend and even the vineyard where those grapes are harvested may change. Moreover, different winemakers periodically take the helm as well, with each bringing their own approach and style to the wine. The fact that the winery chooses not to disclose the blend, vineyard, and winemaker each year adds a bit of a mystery hidden behind the mask on the wine’s label. We do know, however, that it is always made with the idea of expressing the best potential for that particular vintage. 

Alma Negra Blanco 'V Blend' 2021
Rachele Gianfaldoni
Alma Negra Winery
  • Alma Negra Blanco 'V Blend' 2021
  • Rachele Gianfaldoni
  • Alma Negra Winery
Alma Negra Blanco 'V Blend' 2021
Rachele Gianfaldoni
Alma Negra Winery
IG Valle de Uco
Chardonnay Viognier Gewürztraminer

Tasting & Pairing

Tasting notes:

Alma Negra Blanco is a light gold colour. The 2021 vintage has an elegant component of structure and freshness that makes it a perfect wine for the summer season straight on into the late fall. The vibrant acidity and citrus notes of the Blanco V blend make it a good match for seafood dishes such as grilled fish, shrimp, scallops, or ceviche. The wine’s medium body and fruity character can also work well with dishes like roasted or grilled chicken, turkey, or duck. For a pre-dinner pairing, consider matching it with a cheese platter or incorporating it into cheese-based appetisers.

Hard Cheese

Pairing Recipe:

Grilled Sea Bass With Lemon and Herb Butter

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