Uncorking the Truth: Does Wine Glassware Size and Shape Really Matter?


Raravina uncorks the truth behind the age-old question: Does the size and shape of your glass truly matter in the world of wine? Let's explore the nuances of glass selection and discover the impact on your wine experience, from Champagne flutes to red wine glasses.


Champagne: Flute vs. Coupe

Flute: A classic slender design preserves effervescence for longer, concentrating aromas and maintaining that delightful fizz.

Coupe: With a broader surface area, a coupe allows more oxygen to mingle with the wine, enhancing flavours and aromas. This old Hollywood glamour exudes sophistication, but be mindful, as sparkling wine loses its fizz more rapidly in a coupe.


White Wine: Shallower and Narrower

White wines, known for softer and delicate aromas, find a perfect match in glasses with shallower bowls and narrower openings. Bringing the wine closer to the nose concentrates those lovely aromas, while a longer stem keeps the drinker's hand away from the wine, preventing unwanted warming.


Red Wine: Generous Curves

Red wines, often needing more aeration to unfold their full potential, thrive in glasses with generous curves. The larger bowl provides ample space for breathing and swirling, interacting with oxygen to unlock complex flavours and aromas. The wide opening enhances aeration, though delicate reds like Pinot Noir may benefit from a Burgundy glass, balancing aeration with a smaller opening for subtler aromas.


Fashionable: Coloured Stems

Add a vibrant touch to your table with coloured stems. While it doesn't alter the taste, it adds a pop of colour without obscuring the wine's hue. It's a fashionable choice that elevates your dining experience visually.


Our Favourite Brands

For those building their glassware collections, Raravina recommends these top brands:

- Riedel (€): Renowned for its quality and affordability.

- Spiegelau (€€): Strikes a balance between cost and craftsmanship.

- Gabriel Glas (€€):Known for its elegant and versatile designs.

- Zalto (€€€): A premium choice for those seeking unparalleled quality.

Whether you're sipping Champagne from a flute or enjoying a bold red in a generously curved glass, your choice of glassware adds a layer of sophistication to your wine experience. Explore our recommended brands and uncork the full potential of your favourite wines!


Until next time, stay nosey and savour the journey!