Freelance Creative and Friend of Raravina Darina


Darina, a versatile creative, has journeyed through graphic design, photography, and now film direction. With over 8 years honing her photography skills, Darina's artistry revolves around visual storytelling. Her work, embraced internationally during her stints in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, has graced prestigious publications.

Having contributed her imaginative eye to notable clients like i-D, Vice, and Adobe, Darina consistently weaves captivating visual narratives. Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, she delved into graphic design, birthing the successful 'We Made Something Nice' homeware brand featured in Elle Magazine.

Raravina had the privilege of collaborating with Darina on branding.

2023 marks a new chapter as Darina delves into directing, with three music videos set for early 2024 release. Explore more about her and her brand: