A Palette of Possibilities: A Guide to White, Red, Rosé, Orange, & Sparkling Wines


Navigating the colourful spectrum of the wine world can be as intriguing as savouring the varied flavours in your glass. At Raravina, we're here to demystify the hues of wine, from the crisp clarity of whites to the vivacious bubbles of sparklings. Join us on a journey through the rainbow of wine styles, each offering its unique characteristics and charm.

White Wine: The Elegance of Simplicity

White wines, crafted from green and gold-coloured grapes, shine with a spectrum from straw-yellow to gold. The swift removal of grape skins post-harvest preserves the purity of the wine. Expect a diverse range of flavours, from zesty citrus to tropical richness, influenced by grape varieties and winemaking processes.

Rosé Wine: Blushing Beauties

Rosé wines capture their enchanting pink hue through brief contact with grape skins during maceration. Crushed red or black grapes undergo this process for a few hours to a couple of days, resulting in shades from pale salmon to vibrant pink. The flavour palette varies from delicate red fruits to spicy and savoury notes, marrying the best of red and white winemaking techniques.

Orange Wine: A Bold Departure

Orange wine, also known as amber wine, defies convention by fermenting white grapes with skins intact. This process imparts an orange hue, creating wines that are bolder and more robust than traditional whites. Expect unique flavours ranging from dried fruit and honey to hazelnut and baking spices.

Red Wine: The Deep Elegance

Crafted from black and red grapes, red wines undergo fermentation with skins, infusing the liquid with a deep red colour and tannic structure. From light ruby to inky purple, red wines offer a diverse flavour spectrum, showcasing bright red berries, dark fruits, and spices, dictated by grape variety and winemaking techniques.

Sparkling Wine: Effervescence in Every Hue

Sparkling wine adds effervescence to the spectrum, made from white, red, or both grape types. Production involves a secondary fermentation process, creating bubbles that dance on your palate. From zesty citrus to creamy brioche, the flavours vary based on grape varieties and ageing processes. Beyond Champagne, explore the world of sparkling wines, each with its unique character.

Traditional Method(s): Beyond Champagne

The traditional method, known as "méthode champenoise," gives birth to Champagne specifically in the Champagne region of France. Other notable sparkling wines like Cava, Franciacorta, and Crémant follow this method, each expressing its regional charm. Prosecco, with its Charmat method, introduces a fresh and fruity dimension to the sparkling wine scene.

Lambrusco: A Fizzy Italian Gem

Lambrusco, a sparkling red from Italy, showcases its charm through the Charmat or Ancestral method. With deep fruity flavours, high acidity, and a frothy fizz, Lambrusco offers a rustic and unpredictable character, presenting a delightful twist in the sparkling wine spectrum.

Embark on a rainbow of wine styles, brightening your palate and your table. Each colour in the wine world tells a unique story, unlocking a world of flavour and pairing possibilities. The next time you reach for a bottle, remember the spectrum beyond red, white, and rosé, waiting to be explored. Whether still or sparkling, there's a wine for every occasion.

Until next time, stay Nosey!